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An open enclosure to provide protection from: wind, snow, rain, etc. to any vehicle, motor home, farm equipment, and more. This is our most cost-friendly building, which comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles.


An enclosed building providing versatile use to all our customers. Its purposes serve as a storage unit, workshop, secure parking, etc. These buildings provide protection from the harsh Midwest weather conditions to all your items.


An open or enclosed building providing protection for all your items. These buildings come in a variety of sizes and colors. Which can be free-standing and even attached to most buildings.


Our steel panels are a durable option to provide protection to your home, barn, etc. They can withstand heavy snow, rain, and wind.


The Midwest is known for its harsh weather conditions. Due to the amount of snow load that our area experiences. The A-frame style roof is our most recommended choice. The steel sheet panels run vertically from the pitch to eaves. This ensures for any snow and rain to naturally slide off.

Regular Rounded

Our Regular Rounded style roof is one of our best sellers. With this style roof our steel sheet panels run horizontally from each gable end. It is an excellent cost friendly option to provide protection to all your items.

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